The Naturopathy in COSMIC

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The growth of fast food culture in India can be traced back to the early 1990’s when our doors were opened to the rest of the world through economic reforms. Many multinational fast food based companies found their chain growing in our country and they introduced us to the alluring taste of burgers, pizza and a lot more. People slowly started changing their eating habits. Further, a number of our own oily and fried food items which once we had taken occasionally, became regular visitors in our houses. Of late, visiting the big branded fast food chain shops often has become a matter of false pride for today’s generation especially for those who live in metros. Least did we realise that these food items will have a negative impact on our health.


In many child obesity issues that we come across, we find that both the parents of the children are working. Sadly, these parents find little time in cooking food for their kids. They prefer buying fast foods or else give their kids money to eat outside. Kids regularly having these fat rich, high calorie packaged food and aerated drinks will become victims of obesity quite early in their life. So we see that nowadays a person’s natural diet is tampered with, right from their childhood.


Increasing work- life imbalance has also changed the lifestyle and eating habits. Lifestyle has changed so drastically that it has become a cause for the increasing graph of diseases in the early age. Diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases, cancer, arthritis, etc. that we see in younger generation are mostly due to the changed lifestyle. The way we sleep, the way we eat, the way we drink, the way we exercise; all these things constitute our life style. A report of WHO says that by 2025 we will have 57 million diabetic patients due to changing lifestyle. Now it is almost 37 million. So alarm is ringing for us and it’s high time that we realise the need to have better food habits for better health.


Today, there is specialisation in every field. In medical field we see umpteen number of specialisations, may be for each and every organ! So one person goes to an endocrinologist for diabetes and the same person goes to another doctor for hyper tension. Each of the doctors prescribe medicine for the disease for which they are concerned. A medicine for one disease may have ill effect on his other disease. There are chances that a new disease also may come up due to intake of medicines for one disease, commonly pet named as ‘side effects’. So a holistic approach is the need of the hour thereby treating the person as a whole. In naturopathy we don’t treat a single organ, but we treat the whole body. We identify everything that is wrong, most importantly eating habits and lifestyle.  Once we identify the things that are wrong, we will tell them to stop those wrong things and start the right things. Nature will heal a person if he follows the right way of doing things.


There is something in every science that can offer to make human being back to normal, whether it is allopathy, homeopathy or Ayurveda. There are certain powers in homeopathy which allopathy cannot match and there are certain powers in Ayurveda which homeopathy and allopathy cannot match. But we believe that nature cure is the king of all the systems because nature created us. We are to be blamed for unnecessarily interfering with nature, for leading our life separate from nature and for breaking the rules of nature.


We need to understand that our body deteriorate at a rate of ‘X’ and we improve at the rate of ‘X/5’. So our rate of improving is too slow compared to the way we deteriorate. To take an example, if a little boy had one aerated chemically flavoured drink today, it may take almost 5 days for that drink and its associated chemicals to get out of his system. But if he drinks another drink tomorrow, another day after and keeps on drinking every day, then these chemicals will

start accumulating inside his body leading to various diseases. As our system is continuously trying to revive our body from these chemicals, regular intake of such items will make our system work too hard for it to handle. The system which has a life span of 120 years may get used up in 30 years. At the end of 30 years, all of a sudden he might get a disease followed by some other diseases which are linked to each other.


Nature created the law of gravity, which means if we jump up we will fall back on earth; if not, all of us would have been floating all over the place! Now, when the law of gravity is applicable to everything on earth, there are some other rules relating to our food as well. Humans are no exception to that. So nature has prescribed what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat and how much to eat for a healthy life. So if a person takes some food which is wrong he is going to pay the price for it, because that’s the rule of nature. And if he comes back to the right path, he is going to get healed since it is also the rule of nature.


Naturopathy is the art and science of healing that addresses the whole person – body, mind and spirit. The practice of naturopathy integrates conventional and alternative therapies to prevent and treat disease, and most importantly, to promote optimal health.


This condition of holistic health is defined as the unlimited and unimpeded free flow of cosmic energy through body, mind and spirit.