GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) Kirlian Technology – for Human Energy Scan :-

Energy Level at Your Finger Tips,

For the First Time in Kerala our Center is Introducing Full Body Energy Scan with the help of Biowell GDV system.This is the most Advanced & Cost Effective Technology in the field of Human Energy diagnosis.

This system comprising of GDV Scanner & GDV software,has been developed by Internationally renowned Russian Scientist,Dr. konstantin korotkov President of IUMAB(International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography).

Using this powerful imaging technology we can illustrate the state of a persons Energy Field, Both Physical & psychological.

We will get Realtime Feedback on factors which boost or drain your Energy Levels.

Normally an Intoxicated or impared body part displays Lower Energy Level this level tends to decline further if not provided with proper attention,leading to serious Illness.

Our GDV software gives instant graphic representations of the data to provide Easy reference & Interpretation which help to identify Weak Energy Spots.With Clinically verified Charts & Methods,the system shows a clear Picture of the functioning of various Parts of the Human Body includes  :-

Cardiovascular,Digestive,Endocrine,Skeletal,Urogenital,Respiratory Systems,etc. & Emotional Levels.

These detailed charts and graphical representations serve us a great deal to provide you with wholesome remedy to your health problems.

For more details-

 Our Unique Treatment Consists of 3 Stages :-

1. Cleansing :- In this stage, we will DETOXIFY your entire body.
2. Healing :- Here we will repair your damaged Cells,through various   Treatments including Hydrotherapy,Diet Therapy,etc.
3.  Stimulation :- Finally Revitalize and Energize  your whole body cells.
Feel Delighted to Experience improved Energy Level of your body.

Assure yourself about the enhanced Energy Level of your body and Mind by Comparing the Energy report Before and After Our Treatments…!!!



EnergyNow the time has come for a deep analysis on energy. The concept of energy is being discussed & debated from day 1 onwards. Energy is called in different names in different nations by different people. *Some* of them call it “ Chi ”, others call it “ Prana “and so on.

Energy is closely related to our tradition.  But scientists may not accept the complicated structure of energy as it is, because they demand scientific back up & Laboratory Experiment to feel it.

A German Scientist Dr.Fritz Albert Popp invented that, energy cells within the body communicate or transmit to other cells in the form of light.They also found out that a healthy cell has a strong light & a diseased cell have only a low light.

Now let us see what influences this light and how it can be changed,It is very clear that strength of the energy depends upon the strength of the Light that is if my light is stronger, the body will be healthier, likewise if my light is weak then weaker will be the energy ,weaker will be my body.

So this light is directly influenced by external situations like stress, strain, chemical reactions of medications & so on. When ever your mind is disturbed due to any of these reasons the light will gradually come down and finally the body will get sick.

There are scientific proof on how the structure of the nerve cell manages to pass the energy through the tubes and this is how the communication is happening. The possibility of seeing this light with your naked eyes is only if they are atleast a 1000 times more sensitive than the ordinary ones.Our entire movement both, physical and mental, is controlled by this beam of light without which nothing will take place.
So inorder to lead a perfect life, this light should get stronger. Then only we can feel the vibrations of it. Let us hope for a better tomorrow and work together for the same.