Cosmic Meditation Technique(CMT)

Cosmic energy is the life force that is existent everywhere. It is present in the cosmos, between the galaxies, the molecules and in the space. It is essential to maintain the order of our life and expand our consciousness. Cosmic energy is received by being at peace with one’s own self and living in the present moment. Blissfulness is the basic characteristic of cosmic energy. It is a state of mind that combines peace, love and joy Cosmic energy is the basis of all our actions, reactions to situations and functions in totality.

Our body receives some amount of cosmic energy when we are in sleep, total silence and in peace of mind. Cosmic energy is essential for the following reasons:

  • To maintain an orderly life.
  • To lead a happy and healthy life.
  • To obtain knowledge.
  • To completely involve in all the situations in life.
  • To expand our consciousness.

Benefits Of Cosmic Energy Meditation:

  • Our body and mind are surrounded with an energy field which is nourished by cosmic energy.
  • This positive energy always helps in the healing of the physical, mental and spiritual self.
  • Cosmic energy reduces negativity, aids in complete healing and creates harmony in life.
  • Cosmic energy supports the regulation of blood flow and lowers the stress on the heart.
  • Cosmic energy helps in lowering cortisol and lactate levels in the body. These are often associated with mental stress.
  • Cosmic energy helps in eliminating free radicals from the body.
  • Cosmic energy does wonders in treating all psychological issues such as anxiety, irritability and depression.
  • Cosmic energy aids in healing cardiovascular diseases and develops skin resistance.
  • Cosmic energy helps to improve the memory function. It plays an excellent role in enhancing the psychological self by supporting the self-actualization and rejuvenation feelings.